When things go wrong and away from you, your mind gets depressed.
Why is that? It is because your confidence is lost. Why?
Can't you survive without it?
Can't you start from the scratch if it was an extreme case?

You can make it again for you have already made it man, then why do you worry. In life we come across many difficulties, the current serious problem, might be a very silly one after a week or month. So don't worry about anything, what ever comes to you or goes away from you, never mind keep you mind under control.

You need to handle happiness and sorrow as equal. This may sound foolish, I agree, but what is the use if you spend all you life time in sorrow? You know yourself better than anybody. Never mind this world - if you are rich they come to you else they don't even bother about you. Remember, 'people who have money can ONLY survive in this world' - this is one of the saying by a sage Thiruvalluvar.

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