For what you have born

This is the question we must answer. This actually adds the meaning of our birth as a human being in this world. Why are we born as humans and not as a dog or a cat or a cow or any other being? We are lucky to be human and in that we are lucky to be born as normal humans rather than mentally ot physically disabled.

Even after we are given good food, shelter and education. How many starve-deaths occur in Somalia every year or every day. This will tell us how lucky we are to be born in a well fed place. Have you ever thought the importance of your life?

Why have we given all the necessarys of life? Its because we must survive, we must not have any trouble or fight for the basic necessities of life. Why? We are chosen to do something else good. Try to figure out the purpose of your life. That is why we are here. You may ask what is it? The real reason for your existance in this world.

Definitely you have come to this world to do or prove to this world that you are worth to have born as a human. It is very simple, try to do an exrtaordinary things in your expertise. Think about the scientists, musicians and all other great men as we call GREAT. what have they done to this world? Why can'y you do something great to this world and leave your name called even after you are gone.

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  1. Anonymous // September 25, 2007 at 5:17 AM


    This is great...I really loved to read your blog. Please give me more to read and I need to know the unknown things in my life.