Are your efforts wasted?

Have you come across such a situation where, you might have thought that all your efforts have gone into nothing? Sometimes it happens, for instance you may go till the last round of an interview by you might have missed the job offer. That's OK, for that have taught you how to handle all the rounds except the last round of interview. Prepare yourself to fix that mistake. This has also proved that you have made it till the last round while some of your friends have been kicked out in the first two or three rounds of interview.

Just try to remember what you have learnt out of this experience, I'm very sure that one day this will come handy when required. I'm talking about the experience you had. Same situation might repeat and there you succeed. So your efforts will not go waste. Of course it might have taken you precious time, but it has compensated with the invaluable experience that no one could have given you.

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  1. ineffably // August 17, 2007 at 9:17 AM

    I read this particular post and I thought of one of my blogger friends who was wondering if her blog was worth continuing. I shared your post with her! Thank you.