Body is wealth

The human body is the ultimate science. The unseen power has created or help to grow such a magnificent organism. See the genius in the creation.Can we create a human? till now it is not possible. We can reproduce but we cannot make or create a human. Each and every activity of the human body is an art of its own.The human body is capable of reproducing another human infant. Can any machine do that? impossible. This body is most of physical matter.

This human body can generate immense energy through the spiritual science. Spiritual science is not the rituals you do as per the instructions given by your ancestors. Just think and act, there are ways to attain this spiritual path, the real spiritual path, where it is not for money but only for the power of your mind.

Once you come to the spiritual path, then your body gets a new way to go and all your body is controlled by you. Even pain will obey your orders. This is the real spiritual state. So search for the real ways to attain a spiritual body.

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    You blog is really very good.


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    I have never seen an open blog like this .
    Keep writing.

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