For what you have born

This is the question we must answer. This actually adds the meaning of our birth as a human being in this world. Why are we born as humans and not as a dog or a cat or a cow or any other being? We are lucky to be human and in that we are lucky to be born as normal humans rather than mentally ot physically disabled.

Even after we are given good food, shelter and education. How many starve-deaths occur in Somalia every year or every day. This will tell us how lucky we are to be born in a well fed place. Have you ever thought the importance of your life?

Why have we given all the necessarys of life? Its because we must survive, we must not have any trouble or fight for the basic necessities of life. Why? We are chosen to do something else good. Try to figure out the purpose of your life. That is why we are here. You may ask what is it? The real reason for your existance in this world.

Definitely you have come to this world to do or prove to this world that you are worth to have born as a human. It is very simple, try to do an exrtaordinary things in your expertise. Think about the scientists, musicians and all other great men as we call GREAT. what have they done to this world? Why can'y you do something great to this world and leave your name called even after you are gone.

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Body is wealth

The human body is the ultimate science. The unseen power has created or help to grow such a magnificent organism. See the genius in the creation.Can we create a human? till now it is not possible. We can reproduce but we cannot make or create a human. Each and every activity of the human body is an art of its own.The human body is capable of reproducing another human infant. Can any machine do that? impossible. This body is most of physical matter.

This human body can generate immense energy through the spiritual science. Spiritual science is not the rituals you do as per the instructions given by your ancestors. Just think and act, there are ways to attain this spiritual path, the real spiritual path, where it is not for money but only for the power of your mind.

Once you come to the spiritual path, then your body gets a new way to go and all your body is controlled by you. Even pain will obey your orders. This is the real spiritual state. So search for the real ways to attain a spiritual body.

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Can do anything you want. Have you ever thought this way? Truly speaking how many of us have this in our mind? Absolutely a few, only those few have done what they want and now they are at the top of this world.

Cut down the barriers
Why can't be you there? Even those persons who has done those great things are humans, then why can't you join in that list? Just think before you do any task that 'it is not rocket science'. This might help you a lot.

Story of possibilities
A poor farmer writes to his son who was in the prison,
"It would have been great if you were here to plough our fields for I'm too old for that.
God has made me work alone even in this time of my life.
Take care.

The son from prison makes a reply as follows,
"Dad for heaven sake do not plough or dig out the fields for I have buried all the guns and grenades under the soil, some how you manage with the money you have and I shall come back soon

The following day the entire police department was on the poor farmer's field digging out for guns and grenades, all the field was totally dug out and the soil from the deep is dug out and the field was totally ploughed..

The son from prison write to his dad,
"Dad, this the least your son could do from here.
I love you Dad".

On seeing this letter the farmer cried out and understood how clever was his son and thanked God for blessing him with such an intelligent son.

This is how it happens, you can do anything no matter where you are.

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Are your efforts wasted?

Have you come across such a situation where, you might have thought that all your efforts have gone into nothing? Sometimes it happens, for instance you may go till the last round of an interview by you might have missed the job offer. That's OK, for that have taught you how to handle all the rounds except the last round of interview. Prepare yourself to fix that mistake. This has also proved that you have made it till the last round while some of your friends have been kicked out in the first two or three rounds of interview.

Just try to remember what you have learnt out of this experience, I'm very sure that one day this will come handy when required. I'm talking about the experience you had. Same situation might repeat and there you succeed. So your efforts will not go waste. Of course it might have taken you precious time, but it has compensated with the invaluable experience that no one could have given you.

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Spirituality or Science?

What is Spirituality? Is that the subject talking about God or the unseen energy or some thing like that? I have seen a few religions and their beliefs towards their God. Each one has taught me a lot of good things as - Love everybody, don't harm others, treat all beings equal, pray to God for He will save you.

But some religion told all these above mentioned. In addition to it, at the deep those had a lot of hidden secrets, I wondered if those were science of a different dimension. The human who knew, solved some of the puzzled secrets and he becomes one of the leaders called 'GURU' and others follow him. This happens in India, China and some parts of South Asia.

Those guru's are enlightened people, they deserve it because, the puzzled secrets have chosen them, not that the person chose the secret to be studied by him. Unless and until you are eligible, you cannot even make out a hint of those secrets.

Truly all the secrets are published in books and nobody thinks deeply about it. Most of them don't know that it is a life-saving secret. So the word 'Spiritual' is coined to those unrevealed or unknown secrets.

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Concentration or Interest

Which one do you need? Have you asked this question yourself at any point of time in your life? For many say that these are the same, but for me, these two are different. Now tell me when should you concentrate? Concentration is required when you need to do things at a high point of accuracy. Do you agree with me? If 'yes' or 'no' please post your comments.

To do such a high degree of accurate action you need to concentrate. To concentrate is to focus all your thoughts, your mind, your energy, your body and what ever you can to perform that high degree accurate task. Did that task get through successfully? It is the next question, we shall talk about it later.

If you are not interested on something, then how can you concentrate [i.e. to focus all your thoughts, your mind, your energy, your body and what ever you can ] on that particular one. Actually this is the answer to the latter question of getting the task successful or not. Even though the concentration contribute 80% of your success, the important and left out 20% is the controlling factor is done only with the interest you have on that particular task.

F1 cars can fierce through at great speeds but without control that is the end of that car. Likewise concentration may take you to great speeds but you need interest to control your concentration.

Out of Failures

Assume that, now, this moment you are just come from a failure situation. What happens in your mind? Just watch yourself.
You may be thinking about - I should have done the other way and not the way I did now and lost. Of course this is correct, but why didn't you try in that time when you are supposed to try it? This is the place where we fear to take a risk. I have won some percent of a game and I wish to follow the same till the end. What if the opponent change his way of approach? He must have planned his new approach according to your current one.
- So please change your approach periodically
What if my new approach fails? Ya there are lot of chances that your new approach might fail. What is the next step you think? Is that the previous one? NO.
- Have another backup approach/plan
What is the probability that the backup wins? Unpredictable, this depends on some amount of luck too. Always there is a safe play for any problem, think of it as the ultimate one.
- Have a safe play approach.

At last one thing remains as a foundation for all these approaches, how confident are you on your play. Forget about luck or environment / atmosphere and pressure. You must be able to implement all the appropriate approaches under pressure. How far you can do this will tell you how confident are you for your success.

What is 'Spirituality'?
The art and science of working with the subtle energies, in a spiritual setting, for the purpose of improving or harmonizing the level of self.
Spiritual practice as honest and sincere efforts done consistently on a daily basis to develop divine qualities and achieve everlasting happiness or Bliss.
Another way of defining spiritual practice is our personal journey of going inward beyond our five senses, mind and intellect to experience the Soul (the God) within each one of us. One of the qualities of God is perpetual Bliss and so by tapping into the Soul, we too experience Bliss.

How can we ensure rapid spiritual progress towards achieving Bliss?
Rapid spiritual progress can be achieved when we do spiritual practice according to the basic principles of Spirituality. Even though there are many different types of spiritual practice, whether our spiritual practice adheres to the basic principles of Spirituality is a true litmus test for its effectiveness. If not, we run the risk of putting in a lot of effort but not seeing the results that match that effort.

What is an EXTRA MILE?

This term is used to refer the extra effort you put to improve yourself. This extra effort should be consistent and the experience you get out of it should be remembered as long as you can.

You can do it, till as you did the last time, its of no use. Just try a little more, just push it a little more. I know after a point it is difficult to move an extra mile - at least push an extra millimeter(MM). This is where your success is, your confidence, your will power to push yourself to the extreme.

When days pass by and then you will find yourself very confident on your task and you will be the expert in your area, IF you could push yourself an extra mile every time. Ofcourse, I agree there are hurdles. The challenge is to overcome those hurdles successfully.

Try to love your challenge rather than hating it. Once you love it, the thought will tell you how to win it. No problem even if you don't succeed. Just remember this :

Failure will teach you how to get Success.

So learn from your failures, sit and think about it over 100 times and identify where have you gone wrong and PUT IT IN A PAPER. This is important, write it down and don't fear it but practise it and conquer it. It only possible with a strong will power and your effort.

Make this as a habit, then you will see a lot of changes in you and your attitude. If you do then write to me about it.

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"Thought", What is the 'thought process'? From where do you get your thoughts? Is there anyone who inspires or anything that inspires you for a thought to arise in your mind? Of course we all get inspired by one or the other every moment of our lives. When you want to become someone great you have seen or from history, they become your role model. You get inspired by them or by the good they have done. Alright how did they inspire you?

They have done it by some good or great doing. To do such a great thing they might have got inspired by someone and so on.. Ultimately it all becomes like a chain reaction. This is how a thought in human mind arise.

If your thought is not from any inspiration them it is all yours, your own intelligence. Have you experienced it anytime of your life? Try it, you too have a brain like Einstein and Edison. Edison did not throw away his idea when he failed around 10,000 times. WHY? Because it was his real intelligence, he deserves to be rewarded for his dedicated attempts to succeed. Why can you do that?

We all have the same brain but have you ever got your own thought from your sub conscious mind?
There is some force teaching you from within you, this is called your intution. This is what thought Edison, Einstein, Michaelangelo, Picasso, Rembrant, Mozart, Beethoven, A.R.Rahman, Bill Gates and many more. The only difference between all of them is, they have achieved in their own area of expertise.

They all had their own ideas that differed from us. So they outstand us all. Each one have got one single idea that had given them waht they deserve. So try to think, not from your mind but from your subconscious mind.

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