What is 'Spirituality'?
The art and science of working with the subtle energies, in a spiritual setting, for the purpose of improving or harmonizing the level of self.
Spiritual practice as honest and sincere efforts done consistently on a daily basis to develop divine qualities and achieve everlasting happiness or Bliss.
Another way of defining spiritual practice is our personal journey of going inward beyond our five senses, mind and intellect to experience the Soul (the God) within each one of us. One of the qualities of God is perpetual Bliss and so by tapping into the Soul, we too experience Bliss.

How can we ensure rapid spiritual progress towards achieving Bliss?
Rapid spiritual progress can be achieved when we do spiritual practice according to the basic principles of Spirituality. Even though there are many different types of spiritual practice, whether our spiritual practice adheres to the basic principles of Spirituality is a true litmus test for its effectiveness. If not, we run the risk of putting in a lot of effort but not seeing the results that match that effort.

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