What do you understand by focus? Its just as the focus in your digital camera, to have a sharpest image possible. Similarly, have the sharpest image of what you want in your mind. Define what you want very clearly? Think about it and only about it till it reaches you, yes I mean it, it will come in search of you. If you have the focus on what you want , you don't need to search for it, it will come to you.

Plan how to attain what you want, at least execute the plan to a 50% and the rest will happen with your little effort than the first 50%. Work with your full heart, thought, energy, motivation and all senses towards it, even your dreams and nights about what you want.

It may be anything, that is not the matter,, thing anything that is good so you get it easily. If you think anything bad, I'm sorry it all ends up in your own self-destruction through some means.

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