Out of Failures

Assume that, now, this moment you are just come from a failure situation. What happens in your mind? Just watch yourself.
You may be thinking about - I should have done the other way and not the way I did now and lost. Of course this is correct, but why didn't you try in that time when you are supposed to try it? This is the place where we fear to take a risk. I have won some percent of a game and I wish to follow the same till the end. What if the opponent change his way of approach? He must have planned his new approach according to your current one.
- So please change your approach periodically
What if my new approach fails? Ya there are lot of chances that your new approach might fail. What is the next step you think? Is that the previous one? NO.
- Have another backup approach/plan
What is the probability that the backup wins? Unpredictable, this depends on some amount of luck too. Always there is a safe play for any problem, think of it as the ultimate one.
- Have a safe play approach.

At last one thing remains as a foundation for all these approaches, how confident are you on your play. Forget about luck or environment / atmosphere and pressure. You must be able to implement all the appropriate approaches under pressure. How far you can do this will tell you how confident are you for your success.

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  1. Ronaldo // August 8, 2007 at 8:54 AM

    Hi Maxx

    Nice text. You have posted a comment im my blog (ronaldocampos.blogspot.com).
    I´ll make a link in my blog to yours. I love it.
    I think we have the same idea. My first goal is to aid people with some nice motivational text, and in this point your blog seems like mine.

    Sorry about my english, but I speak just portuguese.


  2. Denitsa // August 10, 2007 at 2:12 AM

    Hi Maxx,

    yes, i agree to link our sites.
    I think you blog is really pretty and I like it, actually, so I'll be glad to have you on my list. My blog is kind of rough, writing for me is like meditation, but still I hope I'm able to help people enjoy their life more.

    And it's great idea to make the effort to look for similar blogs and link them, I think that could be really helpful for people with similar interests.

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