Can do anything you want. Have you ever thought this way? Truly speaking how many of us have this in our mind? Absolutely a few, only those few have done what they want and now they are at the top of this world.

Cut down the barriers
Why can't be you there? Even those persons who has done those great things are humans, then why can't you join in that list? Just think before you do any task that 'it is not rocket science'. This might help you a lot.

Story of possibilities
A poor farmer writes to his son who was in the prison,
"It would have been great if you were here to plough our fields for I'm too old for that.
God has made me work alone even in this time of my life.
Take care.

The son from prison makes a reply as follows,
"Dad for heaven sake do not plough or dig out the fields for I have buried all the guns and grenades under the soil, some how you manage with the money you have and I shall come back soon

The following day the entire police department was on the poor farmer's field digging out for guns and grenades, all the field was totally dug out and the soil from the deep is dug out and the field was totally ploughed..

The son from prison write to his dad,
"Dad, this the least your son could do from here.
I love you Dad".

On seeing this letter the farmer cried out and understood how clever was his son and thanked God for blessing him with such an intelligent son.

This is how it happens, you can do anything no matter where you are.

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