Have you ever thought about it? Do you have power in you? Yes is the answer, every human has his own power in himself. From the discussion with a genius from India, R.Kuppusamy, I learnt that each human body is the resemblence of God himself. Why not the powers resemble as that as God was my question.

He answered that its all exist in your own very body but you have not utilized those powers.
He gave me some instances that existed in me and made me realize myself .

Can you visualize inside your mind? - the next step would be visualizing thing that you have never seen before.

Can you call your beloved from your mobile? - the same exists in your body , but you don't try to use it.

Can you control hunger? - you have the mechanism in your own body, but you forget to use it. Your stomach is an atomic reactor but its efficiency is 0.0000001 %. So increase the efficiency.

How to do that was my next question but he suggested ways from the Saint Vallalars way. He is a great scholar and he says each religion is a science. That is for sure each religion is a science. Many of the super powers exist in our own human body but we forget to use them or enhance them.