Spirituality - How can this help in your professional life?
It can help you in many ways,
- it could relax your mind,
- improve your concentration,
- take your level of thinking to the next dimension,
- it can improve your mental strength,
- Intuition and creativity,
- Honesty and trust,
- Personal fulfillment,
- Organizational performance,
- enhance your stability, and much more...

You may be worried about "take your level of thinking to the next dimension", yes this is possible. How did swamy Vivekananda did it? He was a very balanced person and the whole world knows it. He proved himself in United States of America, and from then the US turned back to see the blissful INDIA.

We do not think out of the box, now people are turning back to the olden religious pages to hunt for the facts of today. The human mind needs real relaxation and not the temporary one that we get in this commercial world.

Human mind doesn't know where it is from?

Where did you come from? How did your mental consciousness come into this world?

Where was it before? Where have you born before this current birth?

Where does your conscious come from?

Only spirituality can get you what you want. But how many of us have experienced it? Please help other to experience the real spirituality.

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Fooling around in the name of MEDITATION

Today people say that they need to go for a meditation course, just to become stress free. I really don't understand what is it all about. Meditation in not a stress buster, it is the way to control your thoughts, this is what the great saints have told us. In the current world some of the people learn a very few steps in meditation and they announce the public that they are ready to teach meditation for some dollars.

This is not the way they teach meditation. - These are all bluffs. India is the real place where you learn the real meditation but today it has become more business kind.

Become Stressfree

Its very simple to become stress free, just do what you like the most. This is the only way you can come out of all your stress. Don't spend much in learning new courses to break your stress. Email me with your problem and with a minimal fee one of my friend can free you from any stress you have in your life.

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All the below are copyrighted material.

Lot of question are kept unanswered. Have you thought about those ? Questions like the following... try answering them and you will come across many unbelieveable facts...

- How come all the planets go in a particular orbit? Why can't they collide with each other?
I agree they go about in an orbit due to the invisible force..What is that invisible force? Don't say it is the magnetic repeltion or attraction or the axis force due to the spin or the gravity-less space. Can you recreate it or prove it by a model, I mean a prototype. We can't till today. Why is that? what is stopping us to do ? Is that the human inability or the superior technology nature has which is not reachable to human? Have you ever thought about it?

We have the rocket-science but this seems to be much more than that...

-How does the brain work in a living being?
It is impossible for us to frame such an algorithm on any system to duplicate a brain, particularly a human-brain. What stores the information in the brain and how is it stored? In which and what form is the information stored in the brain? Science, human-wrote Science..Is it the ultimate Science? don't we have anything more than that to prove the unproved real world?

-How is the human feeling related to his/her physical actions?
Where does the thought arise in a human mind? What is the form in which a human thought arises and where does it end? Based on the thought a human get his/her actions change. How does this happen?
Has the Medical Science found the point where the thought and the physical body meets?This is still an unsolved mystery.
-Where is life in a human body?
When we live how do we live? How are we kept alive? is it any battery cell exist in our body? or the food? If it is the food then why can't a dead body come back to life by just taking the food? What is the invisible power that controls all the real world? Much more to ask ourselves.

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