Fooling around in the name of MEDITATION

Today people say that they need to go for a meditation course, just to become stress free. I really don't understand what is it all about. Meditation in not a stress buster, it is the way to control your thoughts, this is what the great saints have told us. In the current world some of the people learn a very few steps in meditation and they announce the public that they are ready to teach meditation for some dollars.

This is not the way they teach meditation. - These are all bluffs. India is the real place where you learn the real meditation but today it has become more business kind.

Become Stressfree

Its very simple to become stress free, just do what you like the most. This is the only way you can come out of all your stress. Don't spend much in learning new courses to break your stress. Email me with your problem and with a minimal fee one of my friend can free you from any stress you have in your life.

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