What is an EXTRA MILE?

This term is used to refer the extra effort you put to improve yourself. This extra effort should be consistent and the experience you get out of it should be remembered as long as you can.

You can do it, till as you did the last time, its of no use. Just try a little more, just push it a little more. I know after a point it is difficult to move an extra mile - at least push an extra millimeter(MM). This is where your success is, your confidence, your will power to push yourself to the extreme.

When days pass by and then you will find yourself very confident on your task and you will be the expert in your area, IF you could push yourself an extra mile every time. Ofcourse, I agree there are hurdles. The challenge is to overcome those hurdles successfully.

Try to love your challenge rather than hating it. Once you love it, the thought will tell you how to win it. No problem even if you don't succeed. Just remember this :

Failure will teach you how to get Success.

So learn from your failures, sit and think about it over 100 times and identify where have you gone wrong and PUT IT IN A PAPER. This is important, write it down and don't fear it but practise it and conquer it. It only possible with a strong will power and your effort.

Make this as a habit, then you will see a lot of changes in you and your attitude. If you do then write to me about it.

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