Spirituality or Science?

What is Spirituality? Is that the subject talking about God or the unseen energy or some thing like that? I have seen a few religions and their beliefs towards their God. Each one has taught me a lot of good things as - Love everybody, don't harm others, treat all beings equal, pray to God for He will save you.

But some religion told all these above mentioned. In addition to it, at the deep those had a lot of hidden secrets, I wondered if those were science of a different dimension. The human who knew, solved some of the puzzled secrets and he becomes one of the leaders called 'GURU' and others follow him. This happens in India, China and some parts of South Asia.

Those guru's are enlightened people, they deserve it because, the puzzled secrets have chosen them, not that the person chose the secret to be studied by him. Unless and until you are eligible, you cannot even make out a hint of those secrets.

Truly all the secrets are published in books and nobody thinks deeply about it. Most of them don't know that it is a life-saving secret. So the word 'Spiritual' is coined to those unrevealed or unknown secrets.

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  1. Jule's little world // August 9, 2007 at 10:06 AM

    Sure, go ahead!!

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  2. Zuma Dogg // August 9, 2007 at 11:30 PM


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    You're gonna make my head spin. Thanks!

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