Saving money is very important in life, for money can buy most of the things you need in this world. How to save money without ruining your daily expenses? is a big question each one of us have in mind.

1. Avoid expenses on smoking and alcohol.

2. Avoid extra expenses due to delayed payments.

3. Choose the appropriate transport to travel.

4. Use any sale for your clothing needs.

5. Save more time in turn invest that time to earn more.

6. Save at least 10 cents daily and collect them in a Piggy box/savings account.

7. Always look for saving cents and pounds will take care of themselves.

8. Before buying anything, think thrice, if it is worth buying?

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  1. Yanto // August 8, 2008 at 6:47 AM

    Nice simple tips for living. You also have easy to navigate design template. Why not put some videos, perhaps "learning Yoga videos" of YouTube? But it will certainly slow down your blog loading.