Practice any good thing that you want to become an expert:
What have you been doing for all these years in your life? Anything good, at least any one thing that you are perfect in doing. Try to remember when did your friends, wife or anybody praised you for doing something, that doing is what is going to make you an expert of that task. 

Remember you need to identify the real praise and an unreal one.
Real one comes from the heart and the unreal one comes from the mouth. You can feel it from the outcome of your task or action. For instance, if you have played well in your football and saved your team in the last couple of minutes then here is the inferences…

1.     You are good in handling tight situations
2.     You can work very well in stress
3.     You can keep yourself in control and deliver the exact thing.

So you can get the things out from you when you have achieved something like this. So keep doing such a task or ask for such a task to the captain or someone who is in that position.

Repeat what you have done already till you can master it. It should work to you as if you are having your breakfast or drinking water.

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