Perfection leads to Expertise.

This is what an important stage where you need to tune your experience and skill to an expert level. Proper tuning is required for a radio to pickup a frequency at its possible range. Similarly you need to FINE TUNE your skill, here

Radio = you
Frequency = skill [range from Novice to Expert]
Reception = Result

Its all there I meant the frequency, you need to fine tune to get the maximum. This may not be the correct example, but the message I convey is important than the example.

FINE TUNING: Most of them tune for the required frequency but they fail to FINE TUNE because they feel that this repeated task is getting them bored and they want to look for something else. Sir Edison did not give up until he saw the first electrical light. So concentrate on what you need to do and focus all your energy on that particular task and please DO NOT SHARE your focus or concentration to multiple tasks and then the results will be also feeble and not strong or perfect.

RECORD THE RESULTS: You need to record the results because, every time you do it will tell you a different story I mean the situations and the environment. They also play an important part, once I was caught in a dense dark forest highway and my car tire went flat. The flashlight did not work, I need to change the wheel in the dark and will little light from my mobile phone.

To be positive, this is one great experience that I wouldn’t have learnt from a school or book. This one taught me where to put the jack and how quick can I do this task. I was in a hurry because it was a dense forest kind of environment; I suspected some movement in a few yards. So I think this was the worst environment and situation where I have replace my car’s flat tire.

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